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Since giving in and buying an iPad Pro I have fallen in love with it. After normal work hours my MacBook Pro would hardly ever leave my bag. When it did it was just for coding. I’ve found the iPad Pro to be an amazing content device. It really excels at both consuming and creating content.

While it’s possible to build a basic app without knowing Objective-C, you cannot perform any sort of advanced function without coding it yourself. Without Objective-C, all you can do is move back and forth between screens.

In this live Treehouse Workshop, Amit Bijlani demonstrates how to use the class NSAttributedString in iOS to customize the appearance of text with attributes such as font, kerning, line height, underline, shadow, and much more.

Nullability annotations allow you to express your intent when defining an interface. It makes APIs clearer and reduces the need for documentation by specifying nil behavior. No more implicitly unwrapped optionals and have only explicit non-nil references, and simple optionals.

Treehouse’s mission is to bring technology education to those who can’t get it, and is committed to helping its students find jobs. If you’re looking to turn coding into your career, you should consider Treehouse.

An open MacBook with a split screen view shows a section of the Swift code needed to create a Newton’s Cradle on the left half of its screen; the right half of the screen displays the resulting Newton’s Cradle. To the left of the MacBook is an iPhone with a constellation visible on its screen. Partially obscured behind the MacBook is an iPad whose screen displays a Disney app with an overhead view of a boat in a river.

Love it or hate it, it’s tough to argue about the success of the Apple App Store. While this venture might be a successful cash cow business model for Apple, how does business fare for the app developer? Pretty good, it turns out.

Tasting Notes and the system behind the app already followed patterns that enabled code reuse since I’m a stickler for object oriented patterns.  However, a problem emerged when I wanted to expand the reach of the Tasting Notes database engine.

To make GREAT videos with your iPhone or iPad you are probably going to want to at least do some light editing before screening the final movie with your friends or customers. Editing means that you are selecting, trimming and arranging video clips, adding in transitions, cleaning up the audio track and rendering the finished product into a digital file. Of the editors I tried, I felt that the free version of Pinnacle Studio was perfect for me.

Add a navigation bar. Now that you have two screens in your app, it’s time to make it so that the user can move back and forth between them. You can do this through the use of a Navigation Controller, which is a specialized View Controller. This controller adds a navigation bar to the top of your app that allows user to move back and forth between screens.[2]

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With over four hours of video instruction, numerous lab exercises and dozens of code examples, The iPhone and iPad App Development Course gets you ready to create your own iOS Apps for the iPhone, iPad or both. And it’s available for 50% off for a limited time – just $49 – thanks to Cult of Mac Deals.

Choose which apps you want to sync. Check each app that you want to sync to your iPad. Uncheck apps that you want to remove from your iPad. You can also drag and drop apps onto the simulated iPad screen, and rearrange the apps that are on it.

A common approach is to build a free version with ads, and offer a paid version with all ads removed, but Android users have become accustomed to seeing ads and this may not be enough of an incentive on its own.

And for the end I have some very special for you. ASCIIwwdc is a searchable database of full-text transcripts from all Apple WWDC sessions. If you don’t have time to buffer and watch lasting at least an hour WWDC videos, you can just simply screen text transcriptions and find topics you are interested in. A huge timesaver.

The course was mainly very helpful and concise when teaching application development. It may have benefited from providing a guide to everything since the information can be overwhelming to learn. Overall, good quality provided.

The first thing to do for those who want to develop applications for Apple devices is to download the iOS SDK. It is based on the Mac OS X operating system, so it needs an intel-based Mackintosh computer. Developers need to know the syntax and logic of Objective-C, and how to use it in the Cocoa programming environment and the tools provided in the SDK.

Are you in Atlanta? Come work with our in-house app experts! SolutionBuilt grew its roots in Atlanta and continues to bring success to Atlanta’s top businesses and organizations. Our expert iPad app developers collaborate and work with Atlanta locals as well as global clients, while always exceeding the goal of pushing boundaries in technology and creating solutions. If you are looking to have an iPad app developed, our iPad developers are equipped to provide multiple iOS development frameworks. We can also take your existing internal web application or iPhone app framework and “port” it into a new iPad App.

We are a team of qualified and experienced enterprise specialists who are enthusiastic about applying your opinions to reality. Our iPhone app technicians for Productivity Mobile Apps have an in-depth understanding of the iOS programming such as Swift, C++, and Objective-C.

It’s also worth considering that it takes some effort to maintain each app over time: building new versions to benefit from bug fixes, removing outdated content, taking advantage of new features, etc. Although it is possible to retire apps eventually, you will probably want to update most of your apps from time to time.

The Amazon Kindle Fire uses a device-specific version of android. It is the only device, that I know of that uses this “forked” version of android. Otherwise, go for android, and thanks for this story. It is inspiring.

Delegation is a design pattern that enables a class or structure to hand off, or delegate, some of its responsibilities to another object. In this course, we look at how we can use the delegate pattern in our code to avoid tight coupling as well as how it is used throughout Cocoa Touch.

Thanks for sharing your experience. This was a great success story, not only for you but also for your customers. But don’t forget to plan for the future business now that you have quit your employment.

This is a really hard question to answer because some apps are easy, some are complex and everyone learns at different speeds. Also some people have really busy schedules so they can’t dedicate much time to learning.

GitHub is a social platform for developers focused on code sharing and programming together with other developers. On GitHub you can create your repositories (public or private ones), share them and watch other dev’s repos. This is one of the best way to learn fast — see what other programmers do, read their code and inhale good practicies from them.

Ok then how do you do the former? Because before i use ipad only and it was so wonderfully useful, but now i got an iphone also and i feel like i get less from both then was from one. I save one thing in one then something else in the other one, becaue sometimes you just cant use big ipad, next time i try find it and its hard. I think it should be like an option in setting.

The book does a reasonable job teaching experienced software developers how to create their first iphone application. The sample app in the book exercises many of the different user interface items we see in iphone apps. The code is written in Objective-C, which took a while to understand even with 20 years of C++ experience. My son, who has no software development experience, became too frustrated with understanding the code examples to finish reading the book. Calling this a “for Dummies” book is a stretch.

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