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App Store, which made some independent developers rich. For example, independent developer Steve Demeter announced earning $250,000 in just two months with his game Trism. And Ethan Nicholas, developer of the iPhone game iShoot, raked in $600,000 in a single month with sales of his app.

This is especially true if you have knowledge or expertise in an area that others could benefit from. In this case the content that you create is the real product that the user is paying for (or that they are viewing so that you get paid by showing advertising).

Objective and primitive type values may be reported to the console using NSLog. Each type has a different specifier that must be used as a placeholder for the value. You will type out the string that you would like to appear in the console while putting in specifiers into the string where you would like to see values reported. You can put as many specifiers into the string as you like, but you must make sure to include each value in the call to NSLog.

Desktop system developed in Microsoft Access with Forms ,Modules and tables which now needs mobile accessibility. System maintains different daily scheduled activities sending text alerts to smart phones. Must have OIS and Android apps developed to access the system remotely as well as PC’s from any location. May also require using website online access to a backend server.

My name is Li Ming. I am a mobile developer by profession and expert. I have developed many apps for 10+ years and uploaded it on app store and play store and so have the rich experience in this area. I have develop More

Make sure you focus and refine your monetization strategy to your business goals, your market, and your users. If your app is meant to boost your existing brand or business, you may not want to include in-app purchases or advertising. The mere existence of the app can make you money simply by expanding the ways your customers can find and interact with your business. Whatever strategy you implement, keep track of your own data and monitor it to ensure your assumptions are right, especially for free to paid upgrades. Once you have a good stream of data, innovate. Try new things based on this data, test them, and iterate based on your results to find the monetization strategy that works for your users and your business.

Mark Price is an expert e-learning trainer having built over 57 mobile apps for iOS and Android! He trained 241,000+ students on udemy alone and is a pro at web and app development. All that is reason why this 43.5 hour knowledge packed course is a great investment for you to move further in your iOS development learning journey.

Our Executive Health mobile app was fully built and ready to hit the Apple and Android stores in a matter of days, even before the agreement was signed. We are impressed with the capabilities of the MobileSmith platform and look forward to using it to create a powerful mobile app portfolio for patient engagement.

StormPins is Social Weather app where users drop alert pins on a map with pictures, video. The app also ties into Pin Responder which is a web based platform used by emergency managers & the media to send & receive alerts.

Market like crazy: I say again, 200,000 apps are already out there. It’s going to be a challenge to make yours stand out in that madding crowd. To be sure, making your application great will help, but you’ll also need to talk it up with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin and every other social networking site you know. If you think the app has legs and is worth the investment, think about hiring a publicist to help, too.

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