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Concurrency is dividing up the execution paths of your program so that they are possibly running at the same time. Apple has high level APIs to achieve concurrency like Grand Central Dispatch and operation queues.

As professional software developers, we guarantee a quality assurance to your iPad application. QA experts start working on your projects since we agreed on your project requirements. They work to eliminate any serious bugs and avoid challenging pitfall. Testers check your software performance and usability since developers delivered you the MVP. Careful testing and thorough analysis help us to achieve greatest results and save your money on further maintenance of your app. Our team won’t leave you alone with your end product. We will help you to launch your app navigating all Apple restrictions within the shortest possible time.

Simon Allardice is a software developer, lynda.com senior author, trainer, and writer with 25 years spent programming and consulting for corporations throughout the U.S. and Europe. He has programmed everything from safety routines for nuclear reactors to music drivers for computer games. Simon’s been a trainer for many years and has spoken at multiple conferences, user groups, and code camps. He has authored, contributed, and edited several books on advanced web development.

Your instructor is Mark Lassoff, who has travelled the country providing training for the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Discover Card Services, and Kaiser Permanente and consulted for Dell, Target, Lockheed Martin, and the US House of Representatives. Mark also releases video tutorial training for aspiring programmers on his website, www.LearnToProgram.tv – a leading publisher of web, mobile and game development courses that are used by individuals and companies worldwide.

Rene Ritchie has been covering the personal technology industry for a decade. An outspoken analyst and critic, he writes at iMore.com/vector, and podcasts at ApplePodcasts.com/vector and vector.show. Follow him @reneritchie on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Swift is an alternative to the Objective-C language that employs modern programming-language theory concepts and strives to present a simpler syntax. During its introduction, it was described simply as “Objective-C without the C”.[34][35]

Even if don’t want to learn Objective-C and go 100% the Swift way, learn this short course — it’s a very good starting point and knowing these topics should be enough for a Swift developer to not drown in the Objective-C sea.

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To switch between other running apps, drag your finger up from the bottom of the screen when the dock is showing. You then see small preview windows of open apps and the iOS 11 Control Center, a panel of icons that serve as shortcuts to common system settings. Swipe the screen to the left or the right to see all the open app windows. (You can also double-click the home button to see this “app-switcher” screen.)

You’ll be coached by an experienced instructor with a solid commercial development track record, taking you through developing apps in the latest version of iOS, Xcode. You’ll use playgrounds to create UIKit controls, which you can take away and use in your own projects too.

If you are planning to develop a mobile app, the biggest question that comes to your mind, even before deciding on the features and functions of the app is which platform are you going to use? There are a lot of platforms for any smartphone app developers, but the main war happens around Android and […]…

ftcash is another remarkable application to make financial transactions which is developed by us. This app achieves some 150 merchants on board and will integrate into restaurant POS solution to make payment process easy. ftcash accepts payments through different payment instruments like credit and debit cards and mobile wallets as well. What makes this app popular is it removes the problem of carrying a wallet to every market place.

AppMachine is an easy-to-use platform to build and design professional native apps for both iOS and Android. Using the drag-and-drop interface, you can combine different building blocks that offer a variety of features, such as information, photos and video. The building blocks also let you link your app to Facebook, Twitter, or online stores. You can design the app in your own unique style and choose your navigation paths, colors, fonts and icons, taking complete control of layout and watching your progress using the Previewer.

Touch and hold your finger on the app icon you want to remove until you enter edit mode (the icons begin to jiggle). If you want to move multiple apps, use a second finger to tap each additional icon and add it to your stack.

I noticed that the reviews of the authors “iPhone Application Development For Dummies” are a mixed bag and I assume that the same wide range of “love it/hate it” will be seen here. As a rank beginner who has never done ANY programming of this type (all command line apps before this), I’m firmly in the “loved it” camp. No, it doesn’t tell me everything I need to know – what does? It DOES give me a very clear roadmap and introduction and does so much more effectively than anything else I have read so far.

I wanted to get a sports application for F1 Racing designed & developed and I found just Correct IT Partner for the same. Thank you AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd. for the bottom of my heart. Thanks AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd. for the same.

On Stack Overflow you can ask your questions and get great answers, you can comment and help other people with their code, you can also just browse some code snippets and solutions for popular programming problems.

For example, if you know you will need a scrolling list with the ability for the user to add items to that list, you could build a grocery list app. This would allow you to experiment with coding specific features before you get started on your big idea.

As Swift treats structs and classes as similar concepts, both extensions and protocols are extensively used in Swift’s runtime to provide a rich API based on structs. For instance, Swift uses an extension to add the Equatable protocol to many of their basic types, like Strings and Arrays, allowing them to be compared with the == operator. A concrete example of how all of these features interact can be seen in the concept of default protocol implementations:

The appointment scheduler especially useful for businesses such as Doctors, Salons or Spas with contact features such as one touch call, QR codes included. Using the code page you can embed custom code and embed iframes.

13 Lecture 14 Slides (November 10, 2011) Paul Hegarty talks about core data thread safety and the NSFetchedResultsController. He then does a core data demo. (November 10, 2011) 12/8/2011 Free View in iTunes

Even more heartbreaking, is the story of an app developer that I remember Mr. Nicholas. Mr. Nicholas is the creator of the iPhone game iShoot which took off early in the app store to the tune of 17,000 copies per day!  Two months later this guy quit his job and soon after that he was a millionaire. All based on an game that took him 6 weeks to write in his spare time. In 2009 that was the dream for most of us and the reality for a few. [Read more…]

In June 2015, Apple announced Swift 2.0 – the latest version of their brand new programming language. We’ve been working with Swift 1.2 so far and in this video we’re going to take a look at what’s new in the language and the changes we need to make to our code.

I watched the series from Fall 2010, but with all the changes in iOS 5, I was looking for the updated course. This is by the far the best resource. I even bought the paid tutorials and classes from net, but none was as good as these. You may have to watch a couple of times and do the homework to understand fully.

Swift is a new programming language that makes IOS app development easier, faster, and more fun. Swift-based learning allows you to develop secure IOS apps with modern features and safe programming patterns.

My first attempt at creating an iPhone app dev system was housed on a 16GB CompactFlash media card. There are many sites that will guide you through this process. Unfortunately, this system wasn’t stable enough to reliably code a major iPhone app.

Granted, there are a couple of corners that you could cut for reducing development costs. You could be a rogue developer and rely solely on the iPhone SDK iPhone Simulator for your app testing. You could harvest the extensive library of Apple sample apps for your code. You could just “blow on your arm” for your app content. Even after all of these cost-saving efforts, however, you are still going to need an Intel-based Mac and a subscription to the Apple iPhone Developer Program.

The idea of earning money by simply taking photos of your shopping receipts is a pretty odd concept. It’s also the basis for a very real app. The brains behind the app, ScoutIt, are touting it as “a fun and rewarding way to turn receipts from everyday grocery shopping into cash”. Fun is probably stretching it a little, but easy? Yes. Very.

The fastest-growing software market today involves mobile applications (or apps). In this course, you’ll learn to use the free Xcode compiler and the Objective-C/Swift programming language to program your own apps that you can sell through Apple’s App Store, reaching millions of potential customers around the world. You will start with the basic steps to writing any program, then progress to using Xcode—the same compiler that Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and many other companies use to write programs and applications. Along the way, you will explore examples and perform simple coding exercises to build your confidence using Xcode and Objective-C/Swift.

I’ll bet this describes at least some of you out there right? The reason I know this is that late last year I asked my readers what their biggest sticking points were. The overwhelming response to this question could be summarized by two words: Time and Tools.

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I was very surprised that setting up my app suite didn’t go as smoothly as I thought.  What started as a day or two project ended up turning into a multiple weeks project where I tested my options with Xcode.  Here are the solutions I tried.

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    Customize the objects you add. You can adjust the properties for each object, allowing you to create a custom and intuitive interface. For example, you can add placeholder text to a text input field that will help guide the user on what they should input.

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