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From concept to development, Space-O delivers everything…no matter how diverse or complex your needs. Our ability to meet your needs stem from our team of experts; all of whom have years of experience in global software services and product engineering industries.

Wallace Wang is the author of more than 40 computer books including Microsoft Office 2010 For Dummies. In addition to writing computer books, he has co-authored Breaking Into Acting for Dummies and has ghostwritten several books about investing in real estate, day trading stocks, and becoming an entrepreneur. His past jobs have included teaching computer science courses at the University of Zimbabwe, performing stand-up comedy, and appearing on a weekly radio show.

Our superior entertainment iOS applications promote our company to employ the good of mobility. We have top Entertainment iOS app developers for best assistance to our valuable clients. We don’t have gradable hiccups unlike what goes in big iPhone app development companies.

Now you can take these two great iPhone/iPad programming courses at a greatly reduced price! This course bundle combines Objective C for Beginners—a basic introduction that will get you started programming in Objective-C—and Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development, a comprehensive introduction to creating iPhone and iPad apps using the iPhone SDK.

During the online application process, asynchronous application and payment submission may occur.  Successful payment may not guarantee successful application.  In case of unsuccessful submission, our programme staff will contact you shortly.

Maybe you have created an app, that uses networking a lot? Maybe you have studied UIKit the most and you are comfortable with creating complex user interfaces? Or maybe you created a music player and audio on iOS is your favorite part of developing? Leverage that interest and knowledge and build your app upon that. Focus on clean, stylyish and working code.

This past week I released a new app called BeerBro. BeerBro is essentially a re-release of a beer app that I had on sale in 2009 and 2010. The former app sold pretty well – in fact it had more sales than Tasting Notes has now. While I honestly didn’t expect a blockbuster hit here I was very surprised to see no sales coming in at all. The only hit on BeerBro’s analytics came from Cupertino where the App Store approval must have happened. To this day, I haven’t made one sale.

The course is fantastic. It takes you from start to finish on a journey that makes it easy to digest and follow. I have been able to build a few apps with the knowledge from this course and I feel like this course was well worth the investment. Read more

Learn at your own pace with our hands-on video lecture series that will teach you how to make 14 FREAKING iPhone apps! This new course teaches over 5,000 students how to get iPhone apps up and running on your phone, and has over 150 reviews, rated at 5/5 stars.

34 Closed CaptioningVideo5. Protocols and Gestures (October 11, 2011) – HD Paul Hegarty covers autorotation, protocol implementation, and gesture recognizers. (October 11, 2011) 11/14/2011 Free View in iTunes

Hello I have gone through the app flow and I understand it and I assure I will help you create the android app and iOS app for this. I will code Native Android app in Java and Native iPhone app in Objective C More

Have your iTunes artwork ready. You will need a large 512×512 vector icon, as well as some screenshots of your app. Screenshots can be grabbed from the iPhone simulator using Command + Shift + 4 and dragging the cross-hair over the area. Make sure they are 320×480 for iPhone. Screenshots are a very important part of marketing your app, so make sure that they show the most important parts.

“ Endive Software possess an in-house team of skillful and proficient iPhone developers who have demonstrated experience in producing cutting-edge iPhone mobile applications. We have developed iPhone and iPad apps for 1000+ global clients since 2008. “

Just this headline made me read this article completely, your vision for creating an app which is useful for autism people is an innovative idea and you created the solution for that without having any programming skills.

Mobile Roadie is an app creator that allows to create and manage their own iOS or Android app. The platform supports all media types, with automatic importing of RSS, Twitter or Google News keywords, and an auto-refreshing fan wall through which users can chat with each other in real time.

If you don’t already have it, download XCode.  According to Apple, “Xcode is a complete, full-featured IDE built around a smooth workflow that integrates the editing of source code, with the build and compile steps, through to a graphical debugging experience – all without leaving the view of your source code.”  This is another huge download, so you might want to rent a second movie.

iPad is defined as a full-fledged business tool that can increase the productivity of your business and can help you work flexibly. There is no denying that it is a device that combines the efficiency of computability with the ease of portability. Thus, it has declined the sales of notebooks and desktop. As more and […]…

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