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Chris Ching’s guide for his own Code with Chris site is a series of videos to take you through the process of creating an app. Unlike many guides, it starts with no assumptions. But in carefully working through the friendly tutorials, you’ll learn Xcode, Swift, interface design, user interaction, and computer logic.

Looking around this site, it occurred to that there weren’t many ‘ibles on programming the iOS platform, so I thought I’d fix that deficit. This is a simple “hello, world!” app for iPhone (or iPod Touch, or iPad). This ‘ible will also serve the purpose of helping others become familiar with the IDE known as Xcode, which is what you need if you want to program for the iOS platforms.

In an Objective-C program like an iOS app, you may see code reuse implemented with functions, classes that support sub-classing and delegation, categories and blocks.  Most developers are comfortable with this practice at the app level.

This is a slightly more expensive option but you will earn a more recognized credential from Coursera and the University of Toronto, which could be helpful for getting your first job as an iPhone and iPad developer. However, what really matters is the strength of your digital portfolio of iOS apps you have built.

Instance methods also are used to code behavior, but these are different than class methods because they may only be used by sending a message to an object. You code them the same way inside the class definition but you prefix the method with a minus sign instead of a plus sign:

The $750,000 includes $120,000 of operational dollars for legal, accounting, and comparable fees. He further breaks down the remaining $630,000 as follows: $35,000 per month for a team of four, which I would consider a very standard team size for building an app. The timeline to build a v1.0 app is usually anywhere between 4-6 months. So taking that monthly spend and multiplying it times that timeline, we have our first answer: a v1.0 app should cost anywhere between $140,000 to $210,000.

While many of the iOS apps we are going to cover in this article do “double duty,” meaning that they are capable of more than one function, these iPad and iPhone apps generally excel in just one or two primary functions:

The final course we’re going to recommend here is this one, which has just a small number of students enrolled because it’s much newer, but does have an excellent rating and features more than 10 hours of video with 84 supplemental resources and one article.

Since Apple introduced the iPhone developer platform in 2008, RustyBrick has been designing and distributing applications for their customers and for internal projects. Over the years, RustyBrick has designed several hundred iOS applications in the categories of gaming, business software, dating, charity, religion, promotion and marketing. You may of heard of some of our apps or our client apps from sources such as TechCrunch, CNN, BBC Radio, Fox News or even the Apple iTunes Store’s top applications list.

Our iOS app team keeps track of new announcements made by Apple each year in the Worldwide Developer Conference – WWDC to make killer mobile apps with latest functionalities. This strategy helps us stay ahead of other iOS development companies in the market.

I’ll bet this describes at least some of you out there right? The reason I know this is that late last year I asked my readers what their biggest sticking points were. The overwhelming response to this question could be summarized by two words: Time and Tools.

OneVoice is a iPhone/iPad application that gives a voice to anyone who cannot speak. Either because they have had a stroke or have non-verbal Autism (or many other reasons), it is making a difference in the lives of a lot of people. OneVoice + iPad replaces a $7,000+ medical device that is bulky and difficult to use. My goal was to make an application that was both beautiful and easy to use.

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