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I’ve spoken to iShoot coder Ethan Nicholas and two British studios involved in iPhone development – FluidPixel, responsible for fun Lemmings-style platformer, KamiCrazy and Connect2Media’s Manchester team, currently finishing off the hugely promising, Go! Go! Rescue Squad. Here are their tips to any burgeoning app stars…

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Warning Each specifier that you include in the NSLog string must have a corresponding value in the comma-seperated list to the right or the compiler will throw at error more ‘%’ conversions than data arguments at compile time.

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Back in 2015 it used to take around a week to get an app approved, but this has fallen dramatically: Apple now claims that it will complete the process in 24 hours. It isn’t yet clear how the company has achieved this streamlining, or whether Apple will be making fewer checks on submitted apps.

If you are not yet comfortable with Swift, complete the Learn to Code exercises in the Swift Playgrounds app. Alternatively, you can work through A Swift Tour from The Swift Programming Language (Swift 4.1). Both give you a solid foundation in the Swift programming language.

Add more screens. As your project grows, you will probably need to add more screen to display all the content necessary for the app to be useful. For example, if you are making a to-do list app, you will need at least two screens: one for inputting a to-do list item, and one for viewing the entire list.